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September 26, 2016

links about reading

I spend a lot of time each week exploring links about kids’ books and links about reading. I read publisher’s reviews, as well as reviews from library publications and reviews from my online Instagram friends to learn about the new books, or to bring old favorites to mind. I also follow some amazing teachers who find time in their busy days to share their thoughts about reading in their blogs. There’s so much wonderful information out there, but so little time to really explore! And definitely, not enough time in the day for you, I’m sure, between your families and your jobs, to read every interesting article, blog, etc. Therefore, I’ve decided to share some of my recent favorite links about reading, from my favorite blogs. If this is something you like, I’ll continue to share from time to time. Here we go!

9 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Interested in Reading and Storytelling | Brightly
POWELL’S BOOKS: Books about Girls who Rescue Themselves
12 Girls from Fiction Who Are Their Own Heroes | Brightly
My New Favorite Picture Books, September 2016 – Pernille Rip
The Best Book Every Year – Jennie, A Teacher’s Reflections – 30 Years of Wonder
Great Middle Grade Books to Give As Gifts

Are there links about reading or links to reading blogs that are your favorites? Do you want me to continue to share some of my favorite links? Please let me know in the comments, so that we can all learn and enjoy!

P.S. If you’re not following me on Instagram, you might want to check it out. I share new books several times each week, so you might find something new to share with your little ones!

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Hi! I'm Susan, a wife, a mom and a recently retired elementary school librarian with 22 years of experience. One of my greatest joys is to connect kids with a perfect book, which then leads them to a lifelong love of learning. Through my blog, I'm hoping to reach parents, their children and teachers to help them find those special books. I’m also hoping to offer some tips and techniques to use with your children as you read aloud.


    1. Susan, thank you for including my blog post in your wonderful list! I can’t wait to check out your other favorite bloggers. -Jennie-

      1. You are so very welcome! I look forward to your posts. They are very inspirational!

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