kids' books to remember

Kids’ Books to Remember and Some Links for Mom and Dad

Happy summer! Now that we are a few weeks into summer vacation, your kids may be looking for some books to add to their TBR pile. I know I am! I’m flying through my books, both kids and adult, and I’m always looking for new ones to add to my library list. These titles might […]

kids' books to remember

Kids’ Books to Remember for Thanksgiving Week

As you prepare to gather with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving, you may still be planning your weekly library trip. Here are some kids’ books to remember, including my favorite Thanksgiving picture books, to make that excursion a little bit easier! kids books to remember: read aloud Gooseberry Park by Cynthia Rylant Masterpiece by Elise […]

kids' books to remember

Kids’ Books to Remember (to help you on your next library visit)

I’m loving all of this beautiful fall weather and the leaves are gorgeous right now (although that means there will soon be SO MANY to rake). And of course, around here we’re all basking in the lovely afterglow of the Cubs win! I’ve never seen so many W banners, so much red and blue apparel, […]

links about reading

Links about Reading for Moms, Dads and Teachers

I spend a lot of time each week exploring links about kids’ books and links about reading. I read publisher’s reviews, as well as reviews from library publications and reviews from my online Instagram friends to learn about the new books, or to bring old favorites to mind. I also follow some amazing teachers who […]

Welcome Summer!

I am sitting on a deck in Michigan on a beautiful day and looking out at the glittering lake. I hope your summers are going as well as mine, and you are enjoying lots of happy family times in the warm weather. We receive such a limited number of these perfect summer days, so I try […]

new picture books

New Picture Books for All Ages!

 Well, it’s Mother’s Day and I just received phone calls from both of my sons, so it’s been a good day! This book, This is Sadie, is all about a child and her imagination. I loved this book for many reasons, but probably most importantly because it reminded me of my own kids when they […]

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